Swing Batter Batter – Vetoed by Malloy

Swing You're Out


Over the past few weeks, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has signed 124 bills and vetoed six. He also used his constitutional authority Thursday to veto $22.5 million from the $19.76 billion state budget.

The second bill Malloy vetoed Thursday would have reclassified as independent contractors all coaches and referees working with an organized athletic organization. That would means none would be eligible for unemployment compensation, nor would they be protected by employee wage and hour laws.

The Department of Labor, according to Malloy’s veto message, conducted 95 audits of athletic organizations over the last three years and found 54 percent of coaches and referees were properly classified as independent contractors and 46 percent were misclassified.

Malloy suggested these organizations use the Labor Department to help classify employees and avoid “overly broad exemptions.”

The bill had unanimously passed the Senate and passed the House on a 138-7 vote.

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Compensation Claims Mailing Review

I came across this post regarding Veterans Claims and Certified Mail –

New Claims Mailing Address


By: Dr. Anna Pat Krupkin, Ph.D

National commander

friendly V.A. Regional Offices, who have unknown to you RACKED, PACKED and STACKED your claims.

Yes it is true said your National commander Dr. Anna Pat Krupkin, Ph.D who discovered after she had the U.S. Postal Inspectors to investigate just what has happened to veterans supporting claims evidence that was mailed out Certified Mail with signed green card requested, after several months and in some cases now over a year those green cards were in fact kept by V.A. and not signed for as is required pursuant to U.S. Postal laws and regulations. No green cards were being returned as V.A. Regional Offices were keeping the mailings and they repacked all those veterans records and RACKED, PACKED, and STACKED and shipped them off to two separate V.A. locations within the United States depending on where you live.

The U.S. Postal service has one duty to deliver the mail, in the case of Certified Mail they must do one of two things, have the Green Card signed to complete the delivery if the receiver refuses the postal service must return the package to the sender not just surrender the package to the receiver without a signed green card yet in the case of their dealing with the V.A. they did just that.

V.A. has failed to notice all veterans who have pending claims that their evidence must be mailed to the two separate V.A. locations, V.a. has failed to send letters to those veterans and now since your local V.A. Regional Office has unknown to you forward your supporting evidence records to those two separate locations in Newnan, Georgia, or in Janesville, Wisconsin, no wonder veterans are enraged and many have killed themselves because of the claims games V.A. plays on our veterans. Because this clearly is additional form of V.A. abuse you should call and write your local Congress or State U.S. Senators, demand they address this issue or V.A. abuse will continue to get far worse.

We have attached the Correspondence page so you will now know where to send your claims supporting evidence. End.

By: Dr. Anna Pat Krupkin, Ph. D
National Commander uvoa.net
United Veterans of America
World Headquarters
46 Veterans Lane
Freeport, Florida 32439
Tel 1-(850) 835-2163 Fax 1-(850) 835-4036
Email: Commander@centurylink.net

What are your thoughts??

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