Treason in 2016 by a Presidential Candidate

A Nation Cannot Survive Treason from Within

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campaign-2016-trump Treason

A Nation Cannot Survive With Trump as PresidentUpdate 072916 –

Federal law does say that it’s illegal to “counsel or induce” someone else to commit a crime, and a former federal prosecutor says Trump’s statement “approaches the line.”

But there’s a world of difference between looking through the federal code book to find a possible fit and actually bringing charges. While many legal scholars and former prosecutors say Trump’s statement, even if meant as a joke, was unwise, they say no prosecutor would charge someone with a crime for saying it.

Comment:  His Statement Looked Like a Loaded Weapon Why Wasn’t an Attempt to Arrest Him Made.

Comment:  If his invitation to Russia does not constitute treason, surely this behavior is unwarranted by the GOP, or are they in “hidden/conspiracy/agreement”?

Republican Donald Trump on Wednesday invited Russia to dig up tens of thousands of “missing” emails from Hillary Clinton’s time at the U.S. State…

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