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We can continue to post all the shootings and despair across social media – will that protect our loved ones, I think not. The march in Selma was used to generate media attention to the refusal to let Black folk vote. Equally whenever there is a (what we as viewers believe) is an unnecessary use of force, it has now become standard for the media to over feed us with snippets of the scene and later the media covers the locals who create a one-night vigil that may include additional law breaking activities. We can march from now till the cows come home, but ask yourself, “What change am expecting to see or what can change as a result of my march?” Will the police ask more questions before shooting, will our young men stop shooting each other? Will the school system change their delivery methods? If I march on Monday, will that create a stimulus for prison reform? If not, then it may be time to find our own individual purpose, our own personal values, identify what is important to us individually and collectively. I propose we start with the beginning – our infant babies. Have you have been in the presence of a baby and make that “baby noise” to induce a smile? Or have you ever turned your head at the right moment and see a precious baby in a stroller and at that exact moment the baby smiles at you? Who will take care of our babies while we go to war in the streets? Who will take care of the babies while we are locked up for protesting another black man tased and killed?

A California mother and father are devastated after a hospital reportedly removed their 2-year-old son from life support last week following a long legal battle. Officials at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles removed Israel Stinson, 2, from life support on Thursday after a judge upheld the decision, writes the Los Angeles Times. The child’s parents,Jonee

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Teaching – what a wonderful profession, a teacher gets the privilege of shaping the “minds” of the future. What a powerful profession to have the ability to make or break a student’s mind and/or emotional welfare one grade at a time. I watched a group of first grade students fall apart, break down and begin to cry at the thought of being reprimanded for their behavior. This same scenario was true for a group of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. There is a classroom management technique known as “the walk of shame” in this writer’s opinion.

A dollar and a dream, that all it takes to be a winner at Lotto a game of chance where everyone wants to be a winner. With phrases like, “You Gotta be in to Win it” and “All it Takes Is a Dollar and a Dream” seem to echo in the hallways of chance catapulting

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Medical marijuana has been legal in Maine for almost 20 years. But Farmington physician Jean Antonucci says she continues to feel unprepared when counseling sick patients about whether the drug could benefit them. Will it help my glaucoma? Or my chronic pain? My chemotherapy’s making me nauseous, and nothing’s helped. Is cannabis the solution? Patients

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“Under GOP rules, Trump is the only one who can take himself out of the race. The only provision that exists for replacing a candidate nominated at the party convention is a candidate’s death or his refusal to run. If that happened, the 168-member Republican National Committee, made up of members from all 50 states,

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The The Rev. William Barber, president of the NC NAACP stated, “She is working to embrace our deepest moral values and we should embrace her…” Why must we as a people defer to someone else to change the trajectory of Black America?  I’m sure if rallied #together we could fix ourselves. North Carolina NAACP President

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