2 men were talking, and they had gotten into a conversation


As I sat at the BusStop one hot sunny Friday afternoon, a gentlemen walked up to me and said, “Do you know Christ?”.  I said of course I do, who doesn’t.  I was annoyed at this young man who sat down next me uninvited and began to ask me questions that were particularly none of his business.

You see it was Friday, and I had a long week of rising early in the morning to drop my infant daughter off at the babysitter, walking four blocks to catch the Bus, which would take me down the hill the train station.  There I waited for the train to Westport; I would get off the train and wait for the Bus to take to my place of employment.  This trip would have taken me a whopping 35 minutes if was driving, however, using mass transportation it took me 2 hours.

On this day as I waited for the Bus on my return trip to take me home, when a young man decides this day he wanted to play questions and answers.  As he talks about who Jesus is and tells me things, I already know – or I should say, I’ve heard, I get more annoyed as the time goes on.  Finally, I thank him for the information I refuse to take the “track” that he seems determined to give me, and I walk away.  I think to myself, I’m going to walk up the hill in all this heat – forget about the Bus, but I’m not going home.

What was I feeling that day, tired, annoyed, guilty, and most assuredly full of shame for my behavior and my current condition at that moment?  I decided I was going to relieve my pain all by myself.  This song reminds me of that day when a Christian tried to encourage me at a time when I lost whatever faith I had, nor I had fully understood how the enemy would pull you back into a situation you once claimed deliverance.

It would be several years later before I would get on Bus and begin to develop a relationship with God.  What I do know is that my friend is in trouble, he knows the Bus exists but he has not met the Driver.


gclef2 men were talking, and they had gotten into a conversation

And the backslider was complaining because everything had gone wrong
The Christian was trying to encourage him
And then the conversation went something like this
Cause sometimes no matter how strong you’ve been in the faith
Things will go wrong for you
I just wanna leave this with you tonight
This is what they were saying
Say you’ve been sick
Just folk having a conversation
The Christian said, tell me about it

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