Great Awakening

Have we had enough yet….

I don’t know the anger from Strange Fruit to the death of Martin one would think we would have had enough and joined forces. But I think we have gotten very comfortable with no longer sitting in the back of the bus – we have Uber eats, we got comfortable going to Denny’s after being spat on in Woolworth’s, we got comfortable going to Harvard after the police had to escort Black children to school, we got comfortable when the Black man sat in the Oval Office for 8 years, and oh yes I’m gonna say it, we got comfortable with drive by pastors and televised church with a seat on the front pew and the Holy Spirit NO WHERE IN SIGHT. I don’t know what/if the GREAT AWAKENING is ever going to happen. Guess we’ll see when two men are walking side by side and one disappears .

Author: MsConcerned

“Upon descending our threaded words on the web by a steep and hazardous precipice of readers requires constant review.”

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