Your #Black Friend

🗣Your black friend is trying to be ok. In the midst of a global pandemic, your black friend is trying to maintain a sense of normalcy.

Your Black friend in the past 30 days has watched a Black man get shot dead while jogging (Ahmaud Arbery); a Black woman get shot dead while sleeping (Breona Taylor); and the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. Your Black friend has also listened to leaders use words that are divisive and used as a veiled threat. Your Black friend is worried about their children, their homes, their jobs, their livelihood. Your Black friend is scared and wonders why they haven’t heard from you.

Your Black friend is trying to be ok.

Please don’t ask us about the looting.

Please don’t chastise us about the rioting.

Please don’t tell us that all lives matter.

Please don’t minimize our fear.

Please don’t bring up Black on Black crime.

Please don’t ask “What about Chicago?”

Please don’t say “if you’d just act like (A Wildly Successful Black Person… Usually Oprah, Obama, Colin Powell, Denzel or Will Smith)”. Please don’t judge us

Your Black friend is trying to be ok.

Listen to your Black friend.

Empathize with your Black friend.

Support your Black friend.

Pray for your Black friend.

Pray with your Black friend.

Just let your Black friend know you really care.

Your Black friend will remember who truly had their back during this difficult time. They will remember who was more concerned about a looted Target. They will remember you posting a thinly veiled and offensive meme. They will remember name calling and insensitive comments. They will remember your silence about their Black life and the Black Lives of others. They will remember those they called friends and supported, and their hearts will hurt because now they’ve lost them as well.

It’s real easy.

Do whatever you can to help your Black friend out because your Black friend is TRYING to be ok….. 👂

Contributor: Author Unknown



Summation of #DonaldtRump

I’ve stopped to assess a few things since this year came in and as I looked at the bigger picture, the picture became much clearer:

A) Even though he thought he got away with Collusion with the Russians, he didn’t.

B) He wasn’t held accountable for Treasonous actions with Ukraine

C) He wasn’t held accountable for violating the various Emoluments Clauses

D) His Foundation was found guilty of Illegal use of funds and was shut down

E) His University was successfully sued and people recovered some money versus none

F) The investigation in campaign finance violations went nowhere due to GOP inaction.

E) So many ethics violations we still haven’t seen them all.

What this tells me is that the HUBRIS in his Mind and Heart only served to heighten his feelings of Invincibility that he truly feels like he can do ANY and EVERYTHING he wants without repercussions or remorse.

But this little Coronavirus changed that!

The loss of 40 Million jobs changed that!

The stock market falling changed that!

The suggestion to take unproven medicine to fight the virus just because he suggested it changed that.

The inference of injecting disinfectants inside the body confirmed he was an Idiot.

The Murder of George Floyd changed that!

The cowering in the WH basement with the lights out changed that!

The sacrilegious act of going to a church, not for prayer but a Photo Op changed that!

And now, he wants to dictate the term and circumstances if a Rah-Rah rally without regard to the Pandemic going on? He may change the venue, but he cant control the virus.

To me, it looks like GOD has let him climb to the high mountain he thinks he conquered, but it might actually lead to his spectacular downfall!

GOD always knows the Ending from the beginning and sometimes we just have to step back and watch HIM do HIS WORK. HE leaves no loose ends.

Contribution: Bill Lawson

Police policing police

#Justice – #GeorgeFloyd

Bricks for protesters – #GeorgeFloyd


What the news won’t show you – Policing the protestors – #GeorgeFloyd

Why We’re So Angry – #GeorgeFloyd

As the national anthem of the U.S., “The Star-Spangled Banner” is one of the most important representations of the United States as an independent country. Its meaningful lyrics and catchy melody can inspire the citizens to honor their homeland with great joy and pride.

Yet a lot of our Black men have experienced anything but honor here in the US;

In some viewers eyes, killing our Black men by police officers seems to equate with modern day lynching;

Viewing these types of videos which can and have occurred daily on social media begins to harden the hearts of many;

Genesis 9:6 – Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

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