I am an African-American woman, mother of one phenomenal daughter – Symphany.  She is, has and always will be the reason for my existence.  I love her more than words can say. I am the recipient of a double Masters in Business  Management & Organizational Development.  A lover of Christ and concerned about the “Human Condition.”  My life’s experience covers a gamut of good, bad and sometimes intensely ugly.  A former US. Marine and survivor of homelessness, emotional, verbal and physical abuse, drug addiction and spiritual abuse, I now serve at the pleasure of the Lord.

Opinionated – yes and full empathy and compassion for the “Human Condition.”  Albeit it is my desire to teach, inform and when and if all possible shed just a little light on the road to Freedom.  How one can attain it, measure it, feel it, and share it with others so that they may also reap the benefits, it is not now nor will it ever be my intent to force feed anyone “my way of operating/navigating, this thing called life.”

Personal #Quote: “Upon descending our threaded words on the web by a steep and hazardous precipice of readers requires constant review.”



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