What Kind Monster Is He? Sociopaths’ sexual traits are hard to fathom. The matrix of any normal romantic relationship is the physical expression of love. The thing is, in these situations, from their side of it, love’s got nothing to do with it. If you’ve been in it you’ve seen that people without a conscious […]

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What activities do you lose yourself in? Lately, I’m obsessing over watching the political news clips on #YouTube I’m no longer interested in watching the full hour, I just want to hear the main points. I am clearly – clear as mud! truths have been disclosed about Fox and #StopTheSteal – folk are still claiming […]

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You’re going to kill me, before or after the abortion after my rape; whom has not been caught. Where is the mandated child support because a single woman was raped. Where are the college funds and free child care so the little girl that was raped can finish high school and college?

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