13339723_10209649816071800_1363291967157307421_n-copy-2Is is no accident that you have arrived here.  Welcome to the Journey of MsConcerned!

What Can You Do Here?

Besides the obvious “reading” you can, become informed on community, political and spiritual issues.  You can sample parts of my book I’m writing, “One Woman’s Journey to Freedom”,  you can most assuredly voice your opinion and have conversations on topics that I hope you will find interesting.  Grab a cup of java or your favorite wine, sit back and relax and let the words resonate in your soul.

Feel free to hop around and check out my posts on  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram postings.

Freelance Writing – Request

I never thought of myself as a writer, I’ve always been told my conversations seem like I will never get the train to the station, but I have found that one of my greatest joys in life is writing.  Albeit I’m new at it, the desire is there and my passion runs high to be proficient at it.

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What better way to be informed of the stops I make along my journey than to follow my blog, I hope you find it interesting to want to know more.

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