You’re going to kill me, before or after the abortion after my rape; whom has not been caught. Where is the mandated child support because a single woman was raped. Where are the college funds and free child care so the little girl that was raped can finish high school and college?

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I really don’t want to fall into the conspiracy theorist bucket, but I was thinking. what exactly was the catalyst that drove the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade? I tried researching the percentage of Americans that are pro-choice – what I found was quite interesting, NPR – indicated 39% of those surveyed were […]

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Thinking of filming a police encounter in Arizona? Make sure it’s not within 8 feet. 7-8 minutes People who say they have faced violence for filming police interactions are condemning a law in Arizona that will restrict recording police officers from within 8 feet of police activity.  Without cellphone footage, victims said, it will be […]

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She writes: When I was a young professional, I was raped by a co-worker and no one believed me. I share that brutal piece of information because, over a decade later, when the #metoo movement happened, I was completely in favor of it. I was horrified at the number of stories that were shared but […]

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