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After Winning Job Back, DCF Youth Worker Waits To Learn Fate

dcf-workerAt the Connecticut Juvenile Training School, where the tension is palpable, Re’Sean DuPree was known as a go-to guy among his fellow youth services officers, the men and women who watch over the young offenders during their every waking moment inside the sprawling detention center.

Source: After Winning Job Back, DCF Youth Worker Waits To Learn Fate

Section 8 – Meriden Connecticut

Project Based Voucher Program for the Housing Authority of the City of Meriden will be opening August 15, 2016 – Friday, August 26, 2016 till 5:00 pm

Section 8 Chamberlain Heights and 24 Colony Street Apartments
Chamberlain Heights and 24 Colony Street Apartments


Your 2016 Presidential Vote Counts

“Under GOP rules, Trump is the only one who can take himself out of the race. The only provision that exists for replacing a candidate nominated at the party convention is a candidate’s death or his refusal to run.

If that happened, the 168-member Republican National Committee, made up of members from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five territories, would vote on a new nominee, with the majority vote deciding.”

Definition:  Otherwisein circumstances different from those present or considered; or else:

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Malloy Bypassed Airport Security Checkpoint With Son’s Backpack

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy bypassed a federal security checkpoint at Bradley International Airport last Nov. 27 while carrying a backpack belonging to his son, Samuel Malloy, through a private corridor to the departure gate area as he and first lady Cathy Malloy saw their son off for a flight, a Courant investigation of the episode has found.

Source: Malloy Bypassed Airport Security Checkpoint With Son’s Backpack

Swing Batter Batter – Vetoed by Malloy

Swing You're Out


Over the past few weeks, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has signed 124 bills and vetoed six. He also used his constitutional authority Thursday to veto $22.5 million from the $19.76 billion state budget.

The second bill Malloy vetoed Thursday would have reclassified as independent contractors all coaches and referees working with an organized athletic organization. That would means none would be eligible for unemployment compensation, nor would they be protected by employee wage and hour laws.

The Department of Labor, according to Malloy’s veto message, conducted 95 audits of athletic organizations over the last three years and found 54 percent of coaches and referees were properly classified as independent contractors and 46 percent were misclassified.

Malloy suggested these organizations use the Labor Department to help classify employees and avoid “overly broad exemptions.”

The bill had unanimously passed the Senate and passed the House on a 138-7 vote.

According to CT News Junkie| Malloy


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