For The Bereaved Mother’s

Today is Bereaved Mother’s Day.

If you didn’t know this day existed, you might be one of the lucky ones. If you did know this day existed, please know that you’re not alone.

Today is the day we honor all of the Mothers who have heavy hearts.

❤️ We honor those still waiting for their miracle.
❤️ We honor those who have had failed fertility treatments.
❤️ We honor those who have lost their embryos.
❤️ We honor those who have had a pregnancy end too soon.
❤️ We honor those who have suffered a stillbirth.
❤️ We honor those who have lost their babies.
❤️ We honor those who have lost their children.

We acknowledge that not all mothers will enjoy Mother’s Day. It’s a painful reminder of what they’ve lost, what they no longer have, or what hasn’t come easily.

Once a mother, always a mother.
Loss doesn’t change that.

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Unlike Josephine Baker, she did not s survive the 1917 riots in East St. Louis, Illinois, and ran away a few years later at age thirteen and began dancing in vaudeville and on Broadway. Alternatively, in 1925, she did not go to Paris where, after the jazz revue La Revue Nègre failed, her comic ability and jazz dancing drew the attention of the director of the Folies Bergère to later became one of the best-known entertainers in both France and much of Europe.


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