#Trauma and My #Crown

This is going to be a story in progress. I have suffered from many traumas in my life. I used to think trauma was blood on the floor in the ER – oh contra – trauma is not just blood and physical pain – it’s emotional and spiritual pain as well.

I’ve heard and read folk say – “Straighten your crown and move on!” (For the Black Girl). Straighten my crown!, what crown?, what have I done to deserve a crown?

So just for today, I think I found a jewel on the floor.

To be continued…

When You Love Someone who has #PTSD

Some of us are good at wearing a mask – hiding our symptoms of PTSD. If someone close to you has experienced a traumatic event, it can be hard to know how to support them. The symptoms of PTSD can cause problems with trust, closeness, communication, and problem-solving—which may lead to troubled family relationships or friendships.

Here are several ways you can help your loved one, strengthen your relationship, and take care of yourself too.


    Take care of your own health.

    Continue doing the things you enjoy and find relaxing.

    Recognize the effects of PTSD on relationships  

    Be realistic about how much you can do.

    Talk about what you’re going through with your own support network.

    Consider seeing a counselor or therapist.


    Plan enjoyable activities with friends and family.

    Encourage them to get treatment.   

    Offer to go to the doctor with them. 

    Make a crisis plan – together.

    Check in with them often.

    Be a good listener.

Supporting someone with PTSD can take a lot of time and energy—and it can be stressful. It’s common to feel that taking care of yourself is selfish, or that you don’t have time. But taking care of yourself is actually an important part of caring for your loved one. If your needs are met, you’ll be a stronger source of support for them.

I Don’t Want No Hair Cut

I’ve seen girls beat other girls, and a group of girls beat up on one little girl. I’ve seen some horrific movies but this little boy forced to get a #haircut and physically held down by 5 adult men and one yelling mother had to be the most painful video of  2016 second only to the election of Donald Trump.

So very sad not one adult in the room had the presence of mind to question the health of the boy.  He may have #autism and #hyperacusis in his ears which makes getting a hair cut intolerable.

I wonder will the little boy ever recover from his tragic ordeal in a place where Black men have been known to frequent not only for haircuts but to find out the latest local news, to gather around their favorite “liar” teller – I mean “story” teller, LOL.  A place where a man could hang out all day and not get into a “whole” lot of trouble, a place where relationships, employment, and the economic status could be discussed…

A place where you sometimes want to go, where everybody knows your name,  and they’re always glad you came, you want to be where you can see the troubles are all the same… The neighborhood barbershop was a place where you would want to be where everybody knew your name and no one person is any greater than anyone else.

(Lyrics by GaryPortnoy)


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