#Zoey 2021 – 2021

She would have been a year old tomorrow…

You think about the moment it will happen after you reach a certain age. You think of all the things you’re going to do and say. You imagine those precious moments where it’s just the two of you and the smile you receive after you have taught a valuable lesson you hope it will last for years to come. You think of all the things you did wrong, all the wrong turns you took in your own life. You think of all the things you should have done and said. You remember those awful moments you had in your life – those mistakes that try to haunt you forever. Then the moment comes when your daughter says, “Mom, I’m pregnant!” You hear her say it and you’re filled with joy and pain simultaneously. You see my story isn’t so pretty, with great memories of a husband, a baby shower, a college fund, and great outings with grandparents. I made some very wrong turns in my life and it took me – for what seems like a lifetime to recover. Just when I thought I had it all together, the enemy came in like a flood and took me back to those long dark nights of pain. Then I escaped with the hand of God. Yeah, so when I heard those words I was frightened, fearful and joy was trying it’s hardest to seep through the darkness. One day – I smiled and thought to myself I’m going to be the best grandma ever! I thought about all the things I was going to say, the many times I would go against my daughter’s wishes and spoil that baby (just like my mother did). I thought about the times I would have to be a strong tower of faith for those moments when her child would give her grief. I wanted to do for that baby what I missed doing for my baby girl…

I watched her take great care dressing the warmer. She was so loving and thoughtful. I was both in awe and cringing with regret – you see I didn’t always deliver such loving and tender moments with my daughter. The enemy had me caught in the grips of addiction and fear. I watched her gently ask my daughter questions about her desires for the pictures and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how she delivered the disclosure about “next steps” as only someone who embodied great love and compassion for another human. Oh my, the floodgates have finally been released as I try and finish this story…

You see I just want to thank God even for the not so good moments and I’ve had some pretty awesome moments with my daughter. I remember picking put her name long before I ever wanted children.

But this story is really about the pain I’ve endured at the loss of granddaughter after my daughter delivered a still born baby. The things I would have told her, shared with her, taught her, let her get away with.

I love you Zoey – good night my love… happy first birthday

White Thugs Brawl At A ‘Cornhole Tournament’ And No One Calls The Cops

IntroThe cops are called on Black folks while sitting at Starbucks, eating at Applebee’s, trying to work out at LA Fitness, leaving an Airbnb, sleeping at Yale and just living life. Since it’s clear that some White people are using 911 as a weapon, it is notable to point out when White folks actually deserve the cops called on them—and nothing happens. Even times when they create a savage brawl that is caught on video.

Cornhole Tournament – or bean bag toss is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of corn at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a team or player reaches the score of 21.

Thugsa violent person, especially a criminal.

  • Last week, a pack of white savages in Douglas County, Georgia got into a brawl at a cornhole tournament, which is a bean bag toss game. They were publicly intoxicated and wildly beating each other.

Savage (of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled.(of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled.

Douglas County Georgia – Things to Do

Take a Hike 
Coffee County has some of the most beautiful land in Georgia! Take a guided tour of the Broxton Rocks, which was named one of 30 Natural Wonders in Georgia to See Before You Die by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and one of Georgia’s Hidden Treasures by WSB-TV. Stroll down the nature trails at General Coffee State Park and follow the trail of the rare gopher tortoise.

Grab a Bite or Bag a Deal
Eat Fresh, Eat Local!  We’ve got what your taste buds are looking for – all kinds of food, just like Grandma used to make. Farm fresh products are available at the Coffee County Farmer’s Curb Market,
Red Brick Farm or Deep South Growers.  Not interested in the food? Grab a deal at one of our many local specialty and national chain retail stores. Our historic downtown is known for unusual products, boutiques, and antiques.

Get Back to Basics
Opportunities to hunt, fish, ride, or just relax abound in our community!

Step Back in Time
We have two museums in Coffee County to spark your interest. These museums feature everything from railroads to agricultural and WWII aviation history. Also, anyone interested in genealogy will enjoy the Douglas City Cemeteries and other historic church and family cemeteries throughout the area.

The police were not called for the following reasons:

  1. There were no #thugs on the field.
  2. There were no Black folk there to call the police
  3. They displayed regular consistent behavior for Bag Throwing Tournament in Georgia
  4. No one was alarmed or afraid of their behavior.


Note:   Based on the intro it would lead one to believe that white folk are always calling the police on non-violent innocent Black folk (which is not true)!

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Source :   Things to do in Douglas County Georgia


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